Art Journaling is an expressive way to capture life experiences using hand-drawn illustrations to depict more than what words often can.

Combining these illustrations with short sentences and phrases enables you to craft your stories in an art form that is uniquely yours and where you can be as creative as you like.

This is not about ‘learning to draw’ or ‘getting it right’, but more about expanding your own mark-making skills so that you can continue your art journal long after the class has finished. They make for the perfect travel companion, or even a visual diary to use in the every day.

The Learning Experience

Throughout this workshop you’ll move through four table displays to help you to explore your own visual language and to practice working from real life scenarios.

Still Life Table

Drawing from a range of objects that you might find in and around your home, including coffee cups, fruit, flowers and books.

Landscape Table

Moving outside to capture the local laneway under the cover of darkness taking in the building structures, lighting and night sky (weather permitting!).

Portrait Table

A chance to capture the gesture and essence of a person. What better way to pass the time when you’re sitting in a café in Paris (or Burleigh) than to draw the people around you, noticing the traits and mannerisms that make them one-of-a-kind.

Patterns & Nothingness Table

Experiment with different drawing materials and colours to simply zone out and draw without constraint or meaning. This table encourages finding a meditative state within art and is a good way to disconnect from technology during your down time.

Important Details

What’s included

  • A 2 hour workshop
  • All materials, including an Italian 60pg 150gsm art journal and pen to take home
  • Light refreshments, however you can also BYO snacks

What to bring

  • Additional art materials will be available to purchase. Cash or card excepted

Suitable for

  • All levels of experience, from first-time art beginners to those who want to expand their skills
  • This workshop makes for a great birthday gift, or a creative night out with friends

Booking Info

Check out our Terms and Conditions before purchasing your ticket.

Presenter Bio

Founder, Artable Studio

Gillian Grove Founder, Artable Studio

Artable Studio founder and teacher Gillian Grove works behind the scenes to bring you the best art classes, workshops & travel experiences in Australia. Gillian is renowned for her ability to work in a range of mediums and styles and is highly sought after teacher for beginners. 

Gillian has been a practicing artist for over 20 years and is passionate about making art available to everyone, both adults and children, regardless of what skill level they possess. Gillian holds a strength in being able to break down complex concepts so that they are easily understood and works behind the scenes to design classes that teach the ‘how to’ in a fun and relaxed environment. Gillian is the ultimate teacher for beginners nervous about getting started in art.

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