Develop a tailored strategic marketing plan for your business!

The best and most powerful marketing strategies become living, breathing documents. Instead of gathering dust on the shelves they are your go-to guides for all marketing and communications decisions, which ultimately will increase efficiencies and save you money.

Facilitated by two industry professionals you’ll be taken step-by-step through the process of creating a strategic marketing plan for your business and have the direction necessary to achieve your long-term goals, starting with actions to implement the very next day.

This workshop is also an opportunity to ask questions specific to your business, ensuring you’ll leave with a tangible and clear marketing plan.

The Learning Experience

Through the presentation, workshop activities and mentoring you will learn:

  • Marketing 101: what is a marketing strategy and why it is the basis for you to build from and succeed
  • Finding your people: getting to know your real audience and letting them get know the real you
  • The boring (but necessary) stuff: scoping out our environment and competitors to find that sweet spot of opportunities
  • The art of leverage: creating content that works smarter and harder for you
  • It’s a numbers game: Did you get bang for your marketing buck? How to use metrics to measure your marketing effectiveness

Important Details

What’s included 

  • A 2 hour workshop with practical and information rich sessions
  • A participant workbook with tangible outcomes for strategy implementation
  • Creative content development
  • Engaging networking opportunities with other businesses
  • Light refreshments

What to bring 

  • A laptop and smart phone

Suitable for 

  • Online and offline businesses, or those who use a combination of both platforms
  • Service businesses such as law firms, accountants, business coaches and hair salons
  • Retail and hospitality businesses, including fashion, cafes and bars
  • Tourism industry including tour operators, booking agents and accommodation providers
  • Health professionals such as osteopaths, naturopaths, podiatrists and trainers

Booking Info

Check out our Terms and Conditions before purchasing your ticket.

Presenter Bio

Sunday Morning

“Sunday Morning is the collaboration of Katie O’Rourke, Cake Marketing and Sarah Biersteker, Birdie Business. Collectively we have over 25 years’ experience in strategic marketing and communications.

Early one Sunday morning whilst sipping our coffees we discovered we both had clients who struggled to know where to start with their marketing and who were daunted by all it entailed from strategy to branding, social media to events.

And so Sunday Morning was born; a series of courses, workshops, mentoring and manuals that will give you the tools you need to take those moments of inspiration and create a clear direction for your business that delivers results. Sunday Morning is marketing made easy.”

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