Throwing traditional methods to the side Ella from You’re My Type promises to bring fun, flair and individual style to this Hand Lettering Workshop!

Taking you through her process from how she started, to developing her own style over the years and now running her hand lettering design and product business Ella is an open book who’s passionate about sharing her skills with others.

This 2.5 hour workshop has been designed to give you a deeper understanding of this handcrafted art form so that would have the knowledge and confidence needed to continue your own creative outlet at home.

The Learning Experience

The evening will cover:

  • The history of brush pen lettering
  • The basics of brush pen lettering equipment and knowing your materials
  • An extensive series of hand letter formations and techniques in your own workbook
  • The importance of developing your own creative style

Important Details

What’s included

  • A 2.5 hour workshop
  • Take-home workbook
  • Take-home hand lettering kit, including: 6 brush pens, ink pot, ink pallet and a journal to track your progress
  • Light refreshments

Suitable for

  • All levels from grassroots beginners to those who’ve had previous experience and want to expand their skills
  • A gift for a friend, or family member that they can enjoy as some self creative time, or with you!

Booking Info

Check out our Terms and Conditions before purchasing your ticket.

Presenter Bio

Owner <br> You're My Type

Ella Rathbone Owner
You're My Type

“I am a creative business owner of You’re My Type.

I am known for laughing at everything and those closest to me say that I am a really warm person who’s easy to get along with and heaps of fun to be around.

You will usually find me at my desk with ink stained hands, hair in a messy bun and paper everywhere. I love to visit art stores looking for new pens and inks (not that i need anymore seriously!) or in a book store searching for more inspiring authors to help me become better at what I do.

I am passionate about investing in people and their creativity and I find that its what puts the biggest smile on my face.”

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