Sunday Sadhana ~ Sunday Ritual

An evening of immersive VinYin style yoga practice to the soul nourishing sounds of live music from Raj of Soul Nature.

Designed to activate the inner agni (fire) and warm the heart center this practice will balance both masculine and feminine energies within. Followed by a guided meditation and finishing with a warming chai, or organic tea you’ll leave feeling grounded and recharged for the week ahead.

Important Details

What’s included

  • A 1.5 hour guided yoga and meditation practice
  • Live music from Soul Sounds

What to bring 

  • A yoga mat, however if you don’t have one limited mats will be available on the day
  • Chai and tea will be available for purchase – cash and card accepted

Suitable for 

  • Beginner to advance yogi’s
  • Anyone wanting to enjoy a recharging evening amongst friends

Booking Info

Check out our Terms and Conditions before purchasing your ticket.

Presenter Bio

Lyndal & Alex

AOK Yoga ~ Sisters | Yoga Teachers | Nutritionist

“Our name AOK is an abbreviation of Awakening Of Kalindi.

Kalindi is a beautiful, feminine name as well as the name of a renowned, flowing river in India. The Sanskrit meaning of Kalindi is “The Sun”. Awakening of Kalindi (The Sun) gives rise to the essence of all that is connected, prosperous and energetic.

Through our yoga practice we’ve transformed our lives, opened our hearts, shared our passions, experiences and blessings – all of which we attempt to exude during our classes, bathing our students with as much light and guidance as possible.

Although we are teachers – we are ALWAYS the student on a continual quest of learning.”

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