Why The Sex Of Selling?

“Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple or more direct than does nature because in her inventions nothing is lacking, and nothing is superfluous.” – Leonardo da Vinci.

Selling is as old as the birds and the bees. In this workshop we’ll use the same course of courtship to build your own successful sales strategy.

Ashley Witty has worked and studied sales for 15 years, managed and trained sales teams into comfortable careers and consulted to many successful small businesses. He’s designed this workshop so you can embrace the selling side of your business and take back control of your revenue through organic and ethical methods.

This workshop is a fresh and fun way of managing the sales side of your business with proven results whilst maintaining your own integrity. Don’t let ‘sales’ be taboo for you. Undress the part of your business, which actually makes you your money.

The Learning Experience

Throughout the evening you’ll (un)cover:

  • Understanding your current sales position
  • What you need to do to identify and reach your sales goals
  • The ‘road map to sales’ process (in a way you’ll remember forever!)
  • The various modern and traditional marketing solutions
  • How to reduce marketing stress and increase revenue


The workshop will be hard-hitting and give you perspective on ‘what should I be doing today’  to bring sales in to the spotlight.

Important Details

What’s included

  • A 2.5 hour workshop with practical and information rich sessions
  • Takehome workbook
  • Engaging networking opportunities with other businesses
  • Light refreshments

What to bring 

  • Writing materials

Suitable for 

  • Business owners (start-up and SME’s), sales agents, B2B service providers (designers, IT, creatives), marketing professionals and those wanting a fresh outlook on sales.

Booking Info

Check out our Terms and Conditions before purchasing your ticket.

Presenter Bio

Ashley Witty

“Effective selling isn’t grease ball used car salesmanship like the stereotype suggests. Every body and every business sells. If you’re chasing revenue than you’re selling and the area of sales has such a weight on your success, yet most know, or want to know, little about its process. Come along and let me show you a cheeky sales mindset and technique you’ll never forget. Immediately increase sales and find clarity in your path-way to success.”

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